My Cancer Story – The Beginning of a New Beginning


The beginning of the beginning of my cancer journey started in January of 2014.

2014 was going to be the year I kicked off two new and exciting projects.  2014 was the year I got my entrepreneur on by taking over the Raleigh Entrepreneurs Organization and creating my own business strategy and business training program called “The Perfect Triangle.”

On January 2nd, I gave a lunch presentation for my friend, Bill Davis’ business networking group at an Asian buffet. After eating lunch, I thought I had gotten some kind of food poisoning as I got an immediate belly ache.  That was the start of it.  After a couple days of liquids and no eating, it seemed to clear up.  I started eating again and started feeling uncomfortable again.  I thought, “constipation,” and took the usual actions.  After a few days, I was thinking something was wrong.

On January 9th, I was very uncomfortable.  I ate some soup for dinner and that’s all she wrote.  I rolled around in agony all night on the floor.  When my wife, Nanette, got up in the morning, I said, “honey, get your coat and get the keys, we’re going to the emergency room.

They processed me quickly.  Most important, they got me pain killers which helped while they did a CT scan.  The scan showed a complete blockage of my descending colon by a most likely malignant mass that had to be removed immediately.

That was the beginning of my cancer journey.

What followed was surgery and 10 days in the hospital.  Honestly, it was excruciating if not for the the super duper pain killers. But worse was the emotional trauma.  I was permanently maimed physically.  But when they came back on the 4th day and said I had Stage IV Colon Cancer, that was the end of life as I knew it.  Everything changed.

Cancer pretty much means “death” to most people.  I admit to being deeply scared like most people.  At first, it felt like I was living in a bad dream that I could not wake up from. It was the definition of “surreal.”

You see, I was planning on living for another 30+ years, having some fun, starting new business ventures, becoming a speaker and hopefully, meeting my grandchildren if my sons ever decide to have any.

But Cancer typically means something quite different.  It means that you might only have a few months or a few years at best.  I didn’t know for sure and I didn’t like it one bit.  However, after a couple of weeks of soul searching, feeling frustrated, cheated and overall wallowing in self pity and pain, I decided I was going to live.  Heaven can wait!

My good friend, Christine Alexander, gave me a great book about cancer while still in the Hospital.  This gift was the start of my healing journey.  For that gift, I am forever grateful.  Thanks to you for joining me.  I hope that my journey can be helpful to others who get the news that they have cancer.

I’ve learned that Cancer is not a disease.  It’s not a only a tumor.  It’s a wake up call to take charge of your live and get healthy.  That’s all it is.  It’s curable with some serious changes to your lifestyle.  But mostly, it’s your choice to make.  I choose life.

Here in this blog is my journey back to a healthy life and lifestyle and a permanent cure for my cancer….

25 March 2015 – UPDATE: I am CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!  Please read my blog post for more details.


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  1. Awesome start Robert to an amazing blog/journal journey on your recovery and the defeat of the nasty disease …. continue to be an inspiration!


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