Frequently Asked Questions

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When was my Diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with a complete blockage of my Colon on January 10th, 2014.  A few days later, the lab returned a complete analysis of the Tumor and lymph nodes.  The tumor was stage IV with 9 of the 17 removed nodes showing carcinogenic properties.  Also, my Liver showed 3 small areas of concern which would later be clarified with and MRI and presumed to be cancerous.  No biopsies were done on my Liver, though.

What medical treatments did I have?

On January 10th, 2014, I had emergency surgery to remove a tumor from my colon that was completely blocking the colon.  I was in tremendous pain from the distention and buildup of fecal material and gas, so surgery was mandatory at this point.   It was recommended that I immediately start Chemotherapy which I have thus far refused in favor of an “oral therapy” designed to bolster my immune system and help it kill the cancer cells in my body without resorting to Chemo.

What cancer curing therapy am I doing?

After much research, I’ve chosen to go with an approach recommended by Bill Henderson.  The approach is a variation of the Budwig protocol which is  reported to have a 90% cure rate.  The approach uses the Budwig morning smoothie, a cancer fighting vegan diet, various supplements and exercise.

Are you a Doctor?

No, I am NOT a doctor.  I am NOT making any medical recommendations or asserting that any approaches herein will work for you or anyone else.  I am saying that there ARE alternatives to the usual Surgery-Chemo-Radiation (Slash-Poison-Burn) modern medical approaches in use today. I am saying that you should look at them and decide for yourself.

Are you working with MD's or other Allopathic physicians?

Yes.  I do have a very good surgeon.  I also work with a friendly oncologist that has been doing all the testing, monitoring and interpretation of the complex MRI and PET/CT images that have been taken.  Readings were done by a Radiologist.  Overall, I have a good team.  I’m just not taking the next step to chemotherapy.