UPDATE: MRI Results Eight Weeks Into My Cancer Treatment

UPDATE:  April 21, 2014.  Went to see my oncologist today to get the results of Thursdays MRI. It was mostly good news. Not as over-the-top as I hoped for, but it was still mostly good news.

My “Preformance Status” was excellent. If I was any other person without liver tumors, I’d be in perfect health. My Karnofsky rating is about 90%, my Zubrod is Zero. So, basically, I’m in perfect health except for the tumors in my liver.

My liver still has the tumors in it. The largest tumor has doubled in volume from 21.4 cc to 52 cc, but my liver function is unimpaired and functioning better than most peoples livers. My liver is not enlarged or otherwise compromised. This is very good news.

Apparently, due to the efficacy of my natural alternative therapy, the urgency for starting more drastic measures like chemo is somewhat abated for now. This gives us the opportunity to leverage my strength and undergo the surgery to reconnect my colon. Over the next week we’ll be scheduling this procedure. I’ll recover quickly, though, this time. Should only take 4-5 weeks before I’m getting around well again.

I’ll continue my therapy for the next 8 weeks and we’ll check on my liver again after that. I plan to double down on my therapy and do whatever I can to cleanse and improve my liver in the process. I’m not sure what that will be, but I’ll do the research and get it going.

I have mixed emotions about this, but I’m encouraged that my healing therapy has worked well enough to surprise my oncologist. At first, it was, “we gotta start chemo asap” and now it’s, “let’s continue with your therapy for another 8 weeks, reconnect your colon and see what happens.”  Now, my prognosis is much better than when I started.

Nobody said it was going to be easy or quick. I have always believed that my approach is a long term lifestyle based cure. As such, it’s going to be a long haul. I’m sure I’ll be doing my therapy for the next year or more.

Today proves that you can take back your own health and restore your immune system and your strength. It just takes a solid approach, a commitment to the plan, and a daily diligence to make better choices every day! 

Owning Your Cancer: Courage vs Fear

Courage vs. FearIt’s been 3 months since my diagnosis.

My first reaction was, “damn, that sucks.” I had no context for any significant emotional reaction, at first.

I studied cancer for the next six weeks seeking a cure. Then I met with my oncologist, who gave me some emotional context in the form of his telling me, “if you do nothing, I’d give you 12 months to live – if you do Chemotherapy, I’ll give you 30 months.” How’s that for context? My oncologist said that part of his job is to instill a sense of urgency in me.

Mission accomplished! Now I was scared silly, filled with fear of cancer with his two choices and my own 6 weeks of study. Well, doors number 1 and 2 from my oncologist are completely unacceptable. But my own door number 3 was looking better and better. All the cures I’d been reading about had much better cure rates than my oncologist. So, door number 3 it was.

Having decided on my cancer cure, I began my treatment in earnest, following Bill Henderson’s modified Budwig protocol. I’ve been doing that for a couple of months now with high hopes for a good outcome.

Last Thursday, I went for my second MRI, but I still have to wait until Monday to get the results – to see if my Liver is much improved.

Do you remember the Heinz Catsup commercial, “Anticipation… is keeping me waiting….”  Well, I didn’t realize how much I’d been bottling up while I “cheerfully” went about making my shakes in the morning and eating well during the day and exercising. Deep down, I’ve been harboring this nagging fear, “what if it does not work?”  I didn’t realize, though, just how this anticipation and trepidation were feeling inside of me until I made a simple phone call.

bill-sarineOn Friday, the day after my MRI, I called my friend Bill Sarine. Bill is one of my favorite people, a mentor and a good friend. Bill did not know about my cancer diagnosis before the call. So, I called him to tell him about it.  Before I got to tell him, though, he got to telling me a story.

First you need to know that Bill is a great story teller. He’s lived a life so rich in experience that his stories echo with sage wisdom.

He told me a story about a man named Pedro that he helped find a job many years ago. At one point in the story, Bill told the man that his time was his own and he should not waste a moment of it.

Since a cancer diagnosis typically includes a significant lifespan reduction, Bill’s story took me right over my emotional edge. I found myself crying on the phone with Bill asking me what was wrong?

What was wrong was that I’ve been on the razor’s edge teetering between courage and fear – and I just had not been fully conscious of the extent of my true feelings of fear.

On the one hand, I made a choice to follow a non-traditional course of treatment. I had to trust myself and the treatment. I had to have faith and believe that a good outcome was not only possible, but inevitable.

On the other hand was the fear and uncertainty that was there all the time since the diagnosis. I had been trusting and believing in my chosen path, all the while sitting on a nagging fear that it might not work.

Make no mistake, I do feel that I’m on the right path. I do feel better. I’ve had an MRI to verify that my treatment is actually working and healing my liver – and I won’t find out the results until Monday, a wait of 4 days, or, more precisely, 8 weeks and 4 days!

For 8 weeks, in cooperation with my oncologist, I’ve been running my own little clinical trial of one. This MRI will prove that I’m not crazy. It will prove that I may have been inspired.

All the while, I face every day with my courage battling to win over my fear. No matter the way I feel, the evidence of healing, my outward demeanor, my telling people that I’m healing myself and feeling fine, there’s an underlying primal fear of dying that can not be ignored.

My surprising awakening came right in the middle of my friend Bill’s wonderful story about Pedro. I am so thankful for that. Serendipity comes to us in many ways. Sometimes it’s just a phone call away. Thank you Bill! 

After Bill’s call, I realized that fear of cancer does not have to rule me. Having a little fear does not mean I will fail to heal myself. It’s human to have concerns. But we deal with them. Every business person understands Risk – calculated risk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have to venture a probable cure against a certain death.

By the way, Bill is allowing me to reprint his very moving story on this blog for your enjoyment. That’s why I’ve not told you much of the story here. I want you to hear it from Bill in his own words.

I’ll end with the promise to let you know as soon as I get my results on Monday. I’ll also be posting Bill’s story next week and will let you know when it’s available for you to enjoy.

Just remember, when you are afraid, it’s not real, even though it sure feels that way. Go ahead and look your fears right in the eye and acknowledge them. Then, ask them to step aside so you can move on and do what you have to do.

After that, it’s up to you. Set your goals and make one better choice at a time, every day.

Until next time ~ Robert

Update: March 27th on Roberts Cancer Cure

fear-and-anxietyUPDATE: March 27th 2014.  I went to my oncologist this morning.  I had blood work last week in preparation.  All the standard blood work and a liver panel were done to ensure that my liver is functioning properly.

Six weeks ago, I had an MRI that showed a few presumably cancerous nodes in my liver. With my oncologists measuring and monitoring, I started my “oral therapy” a la Bill Henderson’s protocol based on Dr. Joanna Budwig’s approach.  Basically, I have a shake in the morning with a lot of supplements and I follow a strict vegetarian diet (with lots more supplements).   I have a big salad every day.  I don’t eat meat or dairy. I must minimize my stress all around.

At first, I think my oncologist was a little skeptical. To be honest, even I  had to admit my own trepidation at the start. My own mindset was slowly changing and I was working on convincing my own self that I could cure my own cancer.

Today, I went into the office and had my vitals taken. My blood pressure was slightly elevated and I felt a little anxious about getting the results of the blood tests.

I didn’t have to wait long.  My doctor came in and we went over the results of my tests. To my great relief, he said that my blood test results said that my liver is “as healthy as a horse.”  My numbers indicated above average liver performance all around.

What a huge relief!

Happy DanceIn fact, the numbers were overall better than the same work done before I started my cancer treatment protocol. Clearly, what I’ve been doing has been working!

I was especially pleased when my doctor started talking about having me reconnect my ostomy. That’s a big sign that he’s not that worried any more about cancer spreading in my body. His entire demeanor was almost giddy compared to our first two appointments.  I think he was as thrilled as I was with the results!

We ended our appointment on a very positive note and confirmed my appointment for my MRI to verify how the nodes in my liver are doing. I’m declaring they are shrinking or gone by then. Time will tell.

As I was going down the elevator, I had a rush of emotions.  Relief, laughter, tears of happiness, joy and gratitude. I was crying for no reason with a big smile upon my face. If felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Funny thing is, that even after losing 35 pounds, I didn’t realize the psychological weight I’d been managing in my own head. I’d been shaping my own mindset, convincing myself that a cancer cure was possible. I’ve been keeping my stress down. But still, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Now I know I can cure my cancer.

Cancer is scary. It’s tough to deal with conceptually and with cancer treatment. The uncertainty. The time between blood test results. The anticipation of what the doctor is going to say. Wondering if my cancer treatment protocol was working.

Thankfully, I can wonder less now and have that much more confidence in my healing process. I’m not completely “cured” yet, but I know the changes I’ve made to my lifestyle are healing me now and will keep me healthy for the rest of my, hopefully, very long, healthy life.

Progress Update on My Cancer Diet Therapy

First, thank you all for checking in on how I’m doing.  This is an update on my progress.  On January 10th, I had surgery to remove a tumor that was blocking my descending colon.  I went into research mode to find a solution.  I decided to go with Bill Henderson’s version of Dr. Budwigs cancer diet.

Robert-Operation-Results-incision-550wIn my first 30 days, I lost 25 pounds and worked on healing my surgery.  I decided on my treatment a month later in mid February.  I went for an MRI to baseline my Liver as they found 3 small tumors in an otherwise perfectly working liver. I started my treatment and for the past two weeks have been doing everything I can to follow the protocol.

My first day on the protocol, after getting all those supplements into my system, I felt perky as a teenager.  I was bouncing off the walls with energy. Those supplements really did the job, along with that Flax oil/Cottage cheese morning shake!

The next day, I felt a bit off, like something was not right.  I realized that the powerful effects these treatments have cause the body to cleanse itself of toxins.  This puts more strain on the system overall and the system strives to keep up with the cleansing process. This is my hypothesis, anyway.

Robert-Recouperating at home-550wWhat I’ve heard is that it takes several weeks for things to clear up.

I’m still feeling like I’m “on the mend” though.  I’ve been exercising most every day.  We got an Urban Rebounder that is proving to be a great investment.  It’s very flexible and it’s also the best form of exercise for your lymph system.  Since the lymph system is the part of the body that helps to filter and cleanse our bodies, the Rebounder is an even bigger bonus!

Slowly, my body is getting stronger and I’m starting to look like my old self.  My energy is becoming more steady over the course of the day and my focus is starting to get stronger.  I’ve been able to focus on getting some things done now…like this blog.

I’m very happy about my progress so far.  I’m looking forward to getting on with my life.  I’ve got 6 more weeks of intensive therapy before another MRI will be performed to see how the therapy is doing on my liver.  Until then, please keep me in your prayers.  I’m so very grateful for all the love and support that you have all given me.  Until next time….