Finally Taking Charge of My Own Health

Over the years, I’ve had several of those moments where I realized that I needed to buy the next larger waist size in pants, and the next larger jacket size.  If that wasn’t insult enough, those damned dress shirts with a tie where strangling me!

Don’t you just hate that? I hate that. Why does this keep happening!

“It Won’t Kill You…Today” ~ Lizard

  • I’ve always known that some things are better to eat than other things.
  • I’ve always known that eating less is better than eating more.
  • I’ve always known that exercising is required for good health.

Evil-lizardSo what happened?

When faced with making the healthiest possible choice for me vs. eating something a little tastier or having seconds or dessert, my Lizard Brain speaks up and tries to seduce my good senses.

But my good senses don’t give up without a fight. My good senses speak up and remind me of what I know to be good for me. But my Lizard Brain pipes up and says, “don’t worry, it won’t kill you…today.  And you can make a better choice… tomorrow.”

I don’t know about you, but my Lizard Brain speaks with forked tongue. You see, Lizard Brain is slicker than snot on a glass door knob. Lizard wants to see the dessert tray. Lizard wants the creme sauce. Lizard wants to add bacon. Lizard wants the one pound super burger with extra blue cheese, double bacon and curly cheese fries. Lizard can wait until tomorrow to have a Salad.

And the irony is that my Lizard Brain always sounds so reasonable. Lizard is right, it won’t kill me today. Of course it won’t! Lizard is right!

Over time, I continued to listen to my ever-more-reasonable Lizard Brain, because…,well,… I kept not dying the next day!

Oh, Good, I’m Not Alone

I started to notice that other people appeared to be acquainted with their Lizard Brains, too. Of course, I was relieved to know that I was not the only one. Clearly, Lizard must know what he’s doing.

emergency-roomMy Lizard Brain was telling me not to worry, it was just a belly ache from some bad buffet foodall the way into the Emergency Room. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that on January 10th, 2014, I had a cancerous tumor that was blocking my colon removed and then got a diagnosis of stage IV colon cancer.

My Lizard Brain was WRONG.  On January 10th, I got the message, it WILL kill me…TODAY!

THAT was the wake up call. That smooth talking, sickly sweet, soothing, slithering Lizard Brain had me lulled into a sleepy stupor. But the pain that day woke me up with a shocking realization!


My Lizard Brain, that miserable, lying, slithering sycophant was trying to KILL ME! But I have to sadly admit, I was his willing fool for following his advice over and over, year after year.

Well, not any more.

Today, I can make a better choice.  Just one better choice each time I sit down to eat.  One better choice at a time.

It’s payback time, Lizard Brain.  You’ve had your 15 minutes, now it’s my turn to be healthy and heal myself from the damage we did to our body. Enough of you, Lizard Brain, Be Gone!