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Cancer Cure Rates

Modern Medicine’s Average “Cure” Rate … 3%

Modern Medicines Average Colon Cancer “Cure” Rate … 1%

Dr. Budwig’s Average Cure Rate … reported over 90%

Q. WHY is modern medicine doing so poorly?

     …and why does modern medicine define “Cure” as surviving for only 5 years?

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Cancer is Not a Disease?

Clearly, cancer is not caused by invading foreign bacteria or viruses. Therefore, chicken soup or antibiotics will not work to remedy the problem.

Modern medicine’s solution is to either cut it out (Surgery), poison the cells (Chemotherapy) or burn the offending cells to death (Radiation). The problem with this is twofold. First, the Chemo and Radiation kill both bad and good cells. Second, these treatments only deal with the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the cancer. Even after these treatments, your cancer will come back if you don’t start making better lifestyle choices. It’s really up to you, not your doctors, if you want to get cancer under control.

The cause of cancer is a perfect storm of irritants that are simply overwhelming our body’s natural immune system processes. Therefore, the solution has to be a re-balancing of our natural body chemistry by reducing as many of the irritants that we were not born to deal with.

UPDATE: My 2nd Surgery and Recovery

On May 9th, at 9 am, Nanette and I went to the hospital and check in for my 11 am surgery. It was pretty uneventful. They were expecting me. I got my ID wristband, got out of my clothes and into a hospital gown. Then up on the bed to start the IV and get me comfortable.

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Movie Review: Forks Over Knives – The Basis for a Cancer Fighting Diet

Forks over Knives, by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, is one of the most important movies on health and lifestyle and you need to watch it! This is NOT simply a movie about dieting or being a vegan. It’s about what we need to eat to be healthy. And if you have cancer, it’s the basis for your Cancer Diet!

Book Review: Cancer-Free by Bill Henderson

Bill offers a step-by-step approach to cancer treatment and your overall health and well being. His dietary approach is based on a natural cancer-free diet along with the Budwig protocol and a number of supplements that he’s determined are best used to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. He also advocates exercise and stress reduction in all areas of your life.

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Robert Geiger

On January 10th, 2014, I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer that had metastasized to some lymph nodes and to my Liver. It changed the course of my life. This is my story. This blog contains information that I discovered that helped me take charge of my life. It so profoundly impacted me that I feel I have to share it with the world.
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